Heroes Of The Cruyff Court Programme

New Streetsport volunteer programme for 14-16 year olds in Aberdeen

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With the program Heroes of the Cruyff Court, the Cruyff Foundation allows youth to be the hero of their own story. We aren’t born as heroes, but we can develop ourselves in becoming one. The program has the intention that participating youth become a role model for their community and remain involved and connected to the Cruyff Court in the short- and long-term. The uniqueness of this program is that older youth (14+) organizes sport & game activities for children (10 – 12 yrs) and therewith get the opportunity to discover their talents, to develop themselves and to do something that challenges them in various ways. Throughout the program they are introduced to several business aspects which allows them to explore their own competencies, to grow self-esteem and above all, they can immediately set their ambitions into practice with a hands-on approach. Everyone that successfully passes the program will receive a certificate and will remain involved with the organization of community activities throughout the year.

More than 1,000 young ones have already been trained by 150 certified coaches, which in their turn are trained by the Johan Cruyff Institute. In collaboration with the coaches approximately 200 events are organized on a yearly basis. This also includes the regional Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 championships.